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Weapon Ordering

Information on how to order weapons

In order to purchase a non-firearm a contract must be signed and kept for at least 10 years by both parties. A weapon purchasing licence as it is needed for real firearms is not required. But the buyer must be at least 18 years of age and he/she must be able to present an official document such as a passport, an identity card or a Swiss resident permit C. The acquisition by foreign nationals without a residence permit requires a firearms acquisition certificate (process also applies to diplomats). Without these documents we are unable to ship weapons.

Order procedure

1. You kindly place your order online
2. We provide you with the contract and all information needed by e-mail
3. You print & sign the contract and return it together with a copy of the above mentioned ID papers
4. We send you the order as registered mail

It is not allowed to sell weapons to persons who present a potential thread to themselves or to a third party. Further it is not allowed to sell weapons to citizens of the following states:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sri Lanka